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Heavy Duty Plant Supports

(Packs of 5 or 10)


Short Narrow - £32/ £60  = 600 m/m long, 320 m/m wide and 175 m/m deep at the bow.

Tall Narrow - £35 / £65 = 900 m/m long, 320 m/m wide and 200 m/m deep at the bow.

Short broad -  £35 / £65 = 600 m/m long, 440 m/m wide and 235 m/m deep at the bow.

Tall Broad - £40 / £75 = 900 m/m long, 460 wide and 260 m/m deep at the bow.

Our plant supports are hand made from 8 m/m solid steel and come in four different sizes, they offer great support for the heaviest of plants and also hold them back in your borders or pathway.

Yes you can get cheaper products on line such as the green plastic coated one which usually bend just putting them into the ground and then rust out after one year which to us is just a false economy, our items would offer you years of service in comparison.

should you have the requirement for other sizes then please feel free to contact us at Metal in Bloom ltd with your dimensions for a competitive quotation. 

Please note that each item is made individually by hand and the sizes may vary slightly.