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Small (1m) - £40.00

Medium (1.5m) - £50.00

Large (2m) -  £60.00   


All of our obelisks are hand made from 8 m/m solid round bar and offer great support for any plant, each obelisk has 6 legs for strength and stability and they all have a natural finish. They are 345 m/m (13.5 inches) wide at the bottom.

Our obelisks are not to be confused with the cheaper ones on line which are hollow and would only last you one season, our obelisks would easily last 10 years or more regardless of weather conditions, we are so confident with our product they come with a five year guarantee.

Should you have a specific size requirement feel free to get in contact and we would happily quote for your bespoke items.

Please note each item is hand made and the sizes stated may change slightly.